Water Transfer Printing

Shoe Water Transfer Printing Seriplanet

The water transfer printing makes it possible to reproduce printed and graphic designs on three-dimensional surfaces and other print media ensuring uniform prints without joints and without high labor cost.


Seriplanet Airbrushing Shoe

Airbrushing allows us to customize three-dimensional and flat print media. This highly versatile process makes it possible to reproduce on the surface multiple effects and shades of color.

Melted Rubber Effect

Seriplanet Melted Rubber Effect Shoes

The melted rubber effect is used to personalize and give a unique character to footwear and other types of print media. This technology gives the product a unique effect of materiality and dimension.

Dripping Effect

Shoe Dripping Effect Seriplanet

The dripping effect is the result of a particular technology. The set of drops of one or more colors creates on the surface a heterogeneous and material pattern perceptible to the touch to obtain an original product.

Strass and Beads Application

Seriplanet Strass and Beads Application Shoes

This process allows the application of rhinestones, beads and studs on fabrics, footwear and leather goods. This application enhances various types of products such as clothing, leather, bags and accessories.


Flocking Shoes Seriplanet

Flocking allows us to obtain a velvet effect on different surfaces and print media. This process is employed in different product branches and industries thanks to its aesthetic and functional flexibility.