Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Direct digital printing is suitable for reproducing color images on leather, fabrics, bags and assembled footwear. This technology allows us to print in full color directly on the print media with high quality results.

Glitter Printing

Seriplanet glitter effect digital print shoe

This printing technique enriches and enhances the finished product through a process that gives brightness and lighting effects to the treated surfaces thanks to the various sizes of glitter, shapes and colors such as gold, silver and multi-color.

Gold and Silver Chromed Printing

Scarpa stampa digitale effetto oro argento cromato seriplanet

Gold and silver chromed printing allows us to obtain a shine effect and it is suitable for any type of print media. This printing technique is particularly used in the fashion industry to embellish the product.

Photoluminescent Printing

Seriplanet photoluminescent effect digital print shoe

The photoluminescent printing allows us to enhance finishes and details in order to make them visible in the dark. The print lights up in the dark with a particular yellow-green glare thanks to the use of innovative technologies.

Metallic Printing

Seriplanet metallic effect digital print shoe

This type of process allows us to obtain a colored metallic effect on the surface of the printed media and it can be reproduced both on a detail and on the whole print thanks to innovative printing techniques.

Reflective Printing

Seriplanet digital print shoe with reflective effect

The reflective printing technique is made with a technology that allows the customization of products, resulting in a fascinating visual effect on the print media that reflects light when in front of a light source.