Print Media


Print on Footwear

We are proud to be the first company to print on the finished product thanks to cutting-edge printing machinery and a team of professionals. To date, the main international fashion houses rely on us for the personalization of their footwear.

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Print on Bags

Our desire to experiment and our spirit of innovation has led us to apply the acquired knowledge gained through printing on shoes to also print onto products such as bags, backpacks and assembled accessories.

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Fabric, Leather and Rubber

Print on Fabric, Leather and Rubber

We create customized projects and reproduce a high range of processes including cutting and laser-cutting on fabric products such as clothing, stretched leather and rubber according to the needs.

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Nylon and PVC

Print on Nylon and PVC

Thanks to cutting-edge machinery we print on soft and flexible print media such as nylon rolls and reels, medium and large banners and other soft PVC products accordant to the varying requests.

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Plastic Materials, Forex, Plexiglass

Print on Plastic Materials, Forex, Plexiglass

We carry out various types of printing on rigid print media such as plexiglass panels, forex and other plastic materials of various sizes and thicknesses such as office plates and assembled or disassembled displays.

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Wood and Paper

Print on Wood and Paper

We offer our customers the opportunity to customize wooden print media such as displays, boxes, shelves and panels of different thicknesses. It is also possible that we process and print on paper and special cards.

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Print on Metals

Thanks to modern devices and innovative printing techniques we offer to our customers the possibility to make prints and special processes on small and medium-sized metal print media.

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Print on Glass

We carry out projects and prints on small and medium-sized glass print media, three-dimensional and circular objects. Products can be customized with color prints and special shiny/opaque relief effects.

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